Our motto is: "We're here to help." If we had a second motto, it would be: "If you liked us, please tell your friends. If you didn't, please tell us so we can make it right." We want every customer to rave about the services we provide and we do whatever it takes to insure we receive feedback like this:

I have been going through the process of converting from a PC to a Mac for a while. It has been quite a learning curve because not only was I a long-time PC user, I was also a PC teacher at one time. So, it's been quite an experience. Bob LeVitus has been an amazing help through this process. His knowledge of the Mac computer is beyond what one could imagine. Not only does he have a great knowledge of the Mac, he is extremely patient and an amazing teacher. He teaches and follows through. He focuses on not only taking care of a situation but making sure that you understand it every step of the way. And he does it all with kindness and patience (and humor).

I can't say enough about Bob LeVitus and the Mac computer. He is extraordinary and brilliant with the Mac. He seems to know all the answers and if he doesn't, he finds out and lets you know immediately. I admit that I may not be the easiest person to work with at times because I want answers right away. And Bob always gives them.

This conversion process for me has been much easier because of his help. I would definitely recommend his expertise to anyone who needs help with their Mac.

- Diane D. (Austin, Texas)

We developed a major internet connection/response problem with our Apple network after Hurricane Ike here in the Houston area. We thought the many power drops may have caused the issue. So, we replaced our cable modem (no help), then our Apple Extreme base station (no help), revised our airport settings, and basically threw money (over $350) and time at the issue until we gave up after two months.

We should have called Dr. Mac first. Pat Fauquet scheduled a session, and expertly guided me through new airport settings that solved the problem. She also helped us clean up many GB of junk on our system, also improving performance.

Pat also helped us determine our external drive was damaged after running diagnostics. We are replacing the failed external drive.

We highly recommend Dr. Mac for vexing problems.

- Greg B. (Sugar Land, TX)

Your knowledge, patience and expertise go above and beyond all expectations; being able to work through the process side-by-side on the phone (as well as with the web-enabled control feature) helps me as a Mac user to better understand the resolutions, making the odds better I'll be able to troubleshoot future issues that crop up (hey...this is a computer we're talking about after all). Your guarantee of a resolution was solid gold; we got there...and I'm thrilled with the results.

- Cinda B. (Golden Valley, MN)

It's painless. easy, fast, and most of all, a great value and learning experience for a minimal charge. I came away from the session feeling good about the service and the problem being solved. Was very pleased for the large return on the small investment.

- Ron B. (Spring, TX)

The process was effortless, informative and far above any of my expectations. I would not hesitate to use your services again, and in fact asked my agent (Pat) if she wanted to come to Minneapolis to be our computer consultant for a week.

- Nancy D. (Newport, MN)

...great: friendly, informed, effective. I will recommend your service to others.

- Denis P. (New York, NY)

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