When you request help you'll receive a detailed estimate that explains what we intend to do, how long we expect it to take, and the cost.

Our billing rate is $30 per quarter hour, with all estimates rounded to the nearest quarter hour.

When you accept our estimate to resolve a particular issue (call it "X"), that's your entire cost -- you'll never be asked to pay more. If we can't make "X" go away in the time frame we promised, we will either work on it until we are finished making "X" go away, or refund your money.

We want every one of our customers to be happy, so if it takes us longer to fix your problem than we thought, the extra time is on us.

Bottom line: if we say we'll fix it for "X" dollars, and it takes longer, you won't be charged a penny more than our estimate, no matter how long it takes -- even if it's days.

There is one more thing: If we happen to find something else wrong (call it "Y") while working on your original problem ("X"), we may have to prepare a separate estimate to resolve "Y."


Well, let's say someone tells us their system has a dry wheeze, not realizing the system is actually hacking up large hairballs. It's hard to imagine, in fairness, we should spend all day fixing problems that were not described for the original estimate. So, if it develops that the problem "X" leads to a discovery of problem "Y" (or even problems "Y" and "Z"), and you want "Y" and "Z" solved, we may have to prepare a revised estimate for your consideration.

(On the other hand, if it's a minor item and your expert, having had a fantastic breakfast, feels great and doesn't mind, then we are certainly not going to stop them.)

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Give us a call at
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