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What follows is a core dump of my bookmark file. I make no claim that all the links even work, much less that they're good ones. Nonetheless, it's taken me years to collect them all, and some--like Strawberry Pop-Tart Blow-Torches--are absolute classics.

Larry Sanders used to say, "no clicking"  but I encourage it. Have a nice trip.

The Essentials
These are the handful of technology and Mac resources I visit each and every day, whether I need them or not...
MacInTouch (news)
MacFixIt (news/troubleshooting)
MacMinute (news briefs/links)
MacObserver (opinions/reviews)
MacCentral (news)
Macintosh News Network (news)
Mac OS Rumors (rumors)
San Jose Mercury News Technology Center (general tech news)
MacSurfer Headline News (news links)

More Mac Resources
VersionTracker (software search and downloads)
MacUpdate (software search and downloads)
Tucows (software search and downloads)
Layers Magazine online (magazine for graphic artists and others of that ilk)
Apple History (historical facts and anecdotes)
MacDirectory (comprehensive Mac resources site)
AppleLinks (news and reviews)
Macintosh Resource Page (news and opinions)
MDJ (fabulous Mac newsletter)
Macintosh Facts and Statistics (just what it sounds like)
resexcellence (news, opinions, hacks, and more)  (specs, prices, and more)
Images & Icons (icons and desktop pix)
MacDesktops (desktop pix and more desktop pix)
IconFactory (lots of icons)
MacAddict (magazine)
Macworld (magazine)
MacSlash (news and discussion)
TidBits (mailing lists)
Why Use Macs? (why Macs are better)

Mac OS X
VersionTracker for OS X (software search and downloads)
Native Mac OS X Applications (software search and downloads)
MacFixIt OS X (Troubleshooting for Mac OS X)
Macintosh News Network (OS X News)
MacTips Cafe (OS X tips)

Apple Main Page
Apple iTools
Apple Mac OS X
Apple Support
Apple Tech Info Library
Apple Public Relations

Apple Store (Mac CPUs, hardware, and software)
Outpost (reasonably-priced Mac CPUs, hardware, and software; my favorite)
MacWarehouse (reasonably-priced Mac CPUs, hardware, and software)
MacConnection (reasonably-priced Mac CPUs, hardware, and software) (Earth's biggest bookstore)
Macworld Price Finder (search for lowest prices)

FODM (Friends of Doctor Mac)
Inside Mac Radio (Scott Sheppard's all-Mac, all-the-time radio station)
MacNightOwl ("your complete Mac support site" run by Gene Steinberg)
MacNightOwlLive (streaming Mac radio show by Gene Steinberg)
Bert Monroy (digital photo-realist artist and a heck of a nice guy)
Spiderworks (Quality eBooks from respected authors at a great price!

Chicago's Museum of Science and Industry
How Stuff Works
Joseph Wu's Origami Page
Mysterious Home Page
QuickTime Movie Trailers at Apple
Rock and Roll Jeopardy Online Game
ScreenIt (movie reviews for parents--excellent)
Strawberry Pop-Tart Blow-Torches
Sue's Recipe Server
T.W.I.N.K.I.E.S. Project
Todd Rundgren Connection
Virtual Bubble Wrap
Wall O' Shame

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