About Pat "Mac Mom 5" Fauquet

Pat's license plate reads Mac Mom 5, which she says refers to her 5 children. Her husband, on the other hand, swears it refers to the number of computers sitting around the house. She has been a Mac user and consultant for (in her own words), a long, long time.

In Pat's "other" life she has: Coached synchronized swimmers, several who ended up on the US Olympic Team; owned a custom made children's clothing business; and was selected as the Technology Teacher of the Year in Virginia--even though she had never taught school! The school was also selected as an Apple Distinguished School and Pat received the award from the Woz himself.

Pat teaches about 40 different courses for Washington Apple Pi covering everything from basic computer use to graphic classes to networking. She was also the Pi's first female President.

Pat's roommates at Macworld Expo San Francisco 2005 suggested we add that she answers client calls, even at 5A.M. with a cheerful attitude. So we did.

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Give us a call at (408) 627-7577.